About Our Products

Intarsia.  (in-tahr-see-uh)  The art of painting in wood.  Intarsia is created by selecting different types of wood, both exotic (from around the world) and domestic, using their natural grain patterns and colors rather than dyes or stains to create the different colors and patterns.  Each piece is individually cut, shaped, and sanded before fitting them together like a jig-saw puzzle.  They are then glued to a piece of 1/4" plywood backing cut in the shape of the final product.  Sometimes thicker pieces of wood are used to create a 3D effect.  Each intarsia piece is unique and can take hours to create.

Fretwork.  Fretwork is a woodworking technique that involves using a scroll saw or other specialty fretwork tools to cut intricate designs in wood.  The designs are many times geometrical and used as ornamental trim on clocks, shelves, etc.  Other times they depict animals or other objects.  The technique involves drilling small blade insertion holes and cutting away small bits of wood from the interior of the design, the wood not cut away becoming the final piece:  Fretwork.

Segmented Turning.  Segmented turning is turning on a lathe where the initial workpiece is composed of multiple glued-together parts.  The process involves gluing up several pieces of wood into rings.  Stacking many rings together to design a vessel.  Ring construction requires angled miter joints cut to tolerance of as little as a tenth of one degree or better.  The individual pieces making up a ring themselves are often assembled from smaller pieces of contrasting or complementary colors to achieve striking patterns in the finished piece.  The more pieces in a ring, the more challenging for the turner.

Inlace.  Inlace is a liquid inlay material that adds color and a new sense of excitement to any woodworking project.  Incredible decorative effects can be obtained by filling carved or recessed areas with inlace.  Designs, colors, and patterns are only limited by your imagination.

Ornaments.  All ornaments are approximately 3 1/2 inches at the widest point.  The fretwork ornaments are cut from a variety of different woods and you need to specify if you want a specific type of wood.  Otherwise, your order will be filled with what we have on hand.  The intarsia ornaments are either cut from exotic woods, basswood, or hard maple and dyed different colors.  Custom ornaments are welcome and personalization is available.  Please call or e-mail for the price of custom orders.  If you don't see the type of ornament you want, designs are only limited by your imagination.  Call us at 715-372-5630.

Custom Design Work.  We can create just about anything.  If you have a drawing that a loved one made or a treasured photo, we can turn that into a wooden keepsake.  We can also custom design many other items, such as the intarsia towel rack and pen & case set shown below.

Keori's Custom Woodworking